Thursday, February 28, 2013

Author Takeover with Molly Hall

I am so excited for this Author Takeover today. I am a huge fan of Molly Hall and when you read her book you will see why I love her and her book so much. So before I let Molly take over lets get to know more about her and her EPIC book Reckoning. Oh and make sure you read the whole post cause Molly has donated some awesome things for a giveaway.

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"They say the truth can set you free. I found out it can kill you."

Seventeen-year-old Kat Matheson has never revealed the dark secret that sets her apart from everyone else: She can see and hear the dead. Until now, she has been able to ignore the strange apparitions and whispering voices. But it may not be that simple anymore. Haunted by eerie visions and increasingly frightening nightmares, Kat begins to fear she may be the target of a dark and ominous force from beyond the grave. Complicating matters is the arrival of her new neighbor, a young man she instinctively distrusts but is inexplicably drawn to. Gorgeous and mysterious, he seems to hold a disturbing knowledge of her long-held secrets.

As she desperately tries to maintain control, events take an unexpected and violent turn. Discovering that nothing is what it seems and that her psychic abilities may involve far more than just communing with the dead, Kat may be forced to confront her worst fears and the powerful curse that controls her destiny.

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Guest post:

First, I have to give huge thanks to Sabrina for letting me takeover her blog for the day. This gal rocks! Second, when I began to plot this takeover, I thought, "Hmm, so many possibilities…which one do I choose?" I could write about my creative process, or a day in my writing life, or the music that served as the soundtrack to Reckoning. Or I could write a character POV, or the alternate ending to the story, or my Top 10 list. I could even go off the deep end and talk politics, publishing and pop culture. Please God, no! No worries, I haven't taken complete leave of my senses. (Although I would like to know how it was even possible for the Kardashians to become household names.)

After mulling it over, I decided it's really about the books. This is a book blog after all. So I will just tell you a little about myself, and the Dark Prophecy series. I'm also very excited to give you the PREMIERE sneak peak at book two! Titled Relentless, it is slated for release in the spring.

And now, a short bio on me—I am the author of the aforementioned Dark Prophecy series. The first book, Reckoning, was released in September 2012, and tells the story of Kat Matheson, a seventeen-year-old girl with the ability to see and hear the dead. This series will ultimately encompass four books. Mystery lovers take note—I also write an historic mystery series under the name M M Hall. Set in 1911 London, these novels feature Inspector Hargreaves, a man on a quest for the truth about his past. Look for Whispered Truth, the first in the series in the spring.

I've lived in Indiana, Texas, California and Colorado. I currently reside just outside of Denver. I pursued a degree in English Literature at Columbia College and worked in the dull mediocrity of the corporate world for several years before turning to writing full-time. I am a passionate lover of books, cats, British history, red wine, cemeteries, music and the unexplained. I'm also a study in contrasts—I love warm, sunny days, but I also adore rain and fog; I love bright, colorful gardens, but wear mostly black and navy; I'm devoted to both Linkin Park and Dvoräk; I love red wine and despise white; I'm fascinated by lizards and snakes, but run screaming from spiders; I love dawn and the rising sun, but am indifferent about sunsets. The list could go on, but this has to stop somewhere.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the teaser. Wishing you all the best, always!


     Without warning, the back of my neck prickles, the earlier feeling of being watched intensifying. Pulling away from Rick, I turn and glance cautiously toward the window. I don’t see anything, but my stomach tightens, and I draw in a quick, shaky breath.

     “What is it?” Rick asks in concern.

     “I don’t know,” I answer, trying to remain calm. “Probably nothing. I just have this weird feeling.”

     “Like what?”

     “I don’t know,” I say again, shrugging my shoulders. “Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?”

     Dropping his arms from around my waist, he quickly steps to the window, leaning over to look in both directions. “I don’t see anything,” he says, turning back to me. “I’ll go check out front.”

     I shake my head, feeling like I’m probably just overreacting. Then I freeze, my eyes widening in shock as an eerie blue glow begins spreading slowly across the window. My heart pounding, I creep forward, reaching out my hand. But instead of encountering the cool, solid sensation of glass, my fingertips keep going. Right through the glass. It feels like I’ve put my hand underneath a showerhead—pinpricks of water needling against my skin, driving hard between my fingers. I yank my hand back, too stunned to speak.

     I can hear Rick gasp behind me. I turn and look at him, speechless. His eyes are wide with shock. “How the hell…your fingers. They just disappeared. Like they went through the glass.”

     “I don’t…” I stammer, unable to find words. My hand feels cold and clammy.

     Rick grabs my hand, checking for cuts or injuries. “How was that even possible,” he mutters, staring at the smooth, unbroken skin of my hand then looking back up at the window. His eyes widen. “What is that?”

     I turn back to the window, wondering if he sees the same blue glow. He drops my hand and runs from the room, heading for the back door. Swearing underneath my breath, I race after him, trying to dart in front of him. But he’s already pushed open the screen door and stepped out to the patio.

     Every protective instinct I have rises to the surface. I reach for the door, and stop, too stunned to move as I gaze through the gauzy screen, into the yard. A wavering mass of blue light envelops the backyard, bathing it in a sickly luminescent glow. I move forward and push through the door, shuddering as a dull pressure begins mounting in my head.

     I must gasp or make some kind of noise because Rick turns and looks at me with concern. “Are you OK?”

     I nod, unable to stop staring at the strange light.

     “That is so weird. I could have sworn I saw something through the window,” he mutters. “But now…it’s just…”

     I look at him in surprise. Was I the only one who could see it? “The light,” I say. “It’s…can’t you see it?”

     He turns, looking in the direction of my outstretched hand. “I thought I did, back in your room. But now I don’t see anything. It’s just…kind of weird and wavy looking.” He rubs a hand across his eyes.

     My initial shock begins morphing into fear. Reaching for his hand, I interlace my fingers with his. He gasps, his eyes widening in surprise.

     “Whoa! Oh, my God!”

     “What?” I say, looking at him in confusion.

     “The light! I can see it. When you touched me…it just appeared!”

     I stare at him in shock then release his hand.

     “Wait…now it’s gone,” he says, his eyes searching for something he can no longer see. “Give me your hand.” His fingers wrap around my palm. “This is too weird,” he says, breathing out slowly, his voice tinged with awe. “What the hell is it?” He steps forward, extending his hand. 

     I hear a noise to my right, and Lovell leaps over the fence, sailing over the top in a single stride. Landing smoothly, he holds out an arm, blocking us from advancing any further. Rick looks at him in astonishment.

     The blue glow condenses and grows brighter, bathing us in an eerie neon light. Lovell shimmers in the glow, the odd illumination surrounding him with a silver aura. I can hear a thrumming, faint but distinct, like the sound a guitar string makes long after it’s been plucked, the hum resonating in the air.

     “What is it?” I whisper. I look around, trying to locate the source of the light and sound, but it's impossible. It's like it's hovering in the middle of the yard. No beginning, no ending. It’s just there. Within the center of the light, a mist begins to swirl, spreading gradually outwards. I can feel it, cold and damp against my skin. Panic grips me. Because, suddenly, I know. “It’s Aratus. He’s coming, isn’t he?” My heart hammers in my chest.

     Lovell shakes his head. “No,” he says, his eyes studying the light intently. "But he’s watching." He murmurs something in a language I can’t understand and the light abruptly disappears. He waves his hand and the mist drifts away, evaporating into the dark branches of the trees.

Thank you Molly for taking over my blog. Wow what a teaser from her book. I can't wait for it to release. Now for the EPIC giveaway Molly has donated to you all. Molly has donated 1 signed copy of Reckoning, 10 signed book marks, and 1 signed tote bag. To win answer this question: How would you handle seeing and hearing the dead? Make sure you leave your email with your answer. Make sure you tell Molly thank you for the giveaway. Good Luck!!


  1. I'm pretty sure I would lose it. I'd most likely end up in a padded room, hoping the dead would just kill me so it would stop! Lol. That would be insanely hard to deal with!!!!

    Thank you Sabrina, and Molly for this fabulous giveaway! I want this book!!!!! Lol!

    tfalick at gmail dot com

  2. @tfalick and I also wanted to add that Molly is ADORABLE! I wish I could pull that hair cut off! Jealous!!!!!

  3. Awww...thank you tfalick!!!!! Good luck!

  4. Thank you for this great giveaway! Not sure if it's international or not but if it is please enter me!! I would think I was going crazy probably so wouldn't tell anyone.

  5. In a way it would be awesome to talk to my brother and other family members that have passed away, however I would probably have a heart attack. Thank you Molly for the giveaway.

  6. I'm not really sure how I would react! It's kind of like asking someone how they would react to winning a billion dollars in the lottery.... You may drop dead on the spot, or jump for joy; really no way to tell until it happens. I would like to think I would have to take some time to come to grips with it, but after a while, it could lead to some great hijinks!! Thanks for the give away!!

  7. Gorgeous cover! The book sounds great!

    I would, without a doubt, freak out. I'm a bit of a scardy cat, so I wouldn't like it.


  8. I think it would be pretty cool to see & hear the dead. I've spent alot of nights going onghost hunts because I want to see a ghost. So if I could see & hear the dead, I'd be excited. And I'd love to be able to see & hear my family members who have passed away again.
    Email- ke717dm[at]gmail[dot]com

  9. I think i would like it as long as i wasn't contstantly interrupted by sprits... Oh and they weren't of the scary kind...Big Chicken here... More of the helping them find the light kind. Unless it was a loved one I missed very much then i would love to see and talk to i guess i would be excited.