Saturday, February 16, 2013

Author Takeover with Daniele Lanzarotta

Today's Author Takeover is by an author who I love and adore. Her books have become some of my favorite reads. I devour them when they come out. I am talking about none other then Daniele Lanzarotta. But before I hand the blog over to Daniele lets get to know more about her. Also she has a giveaway planned so make sure you read all the way to the bottom. 

 Daniele Lanzarotta is the author of paranormal/fantasy novels, including the Imprinted Souls Series, Academy of the Fallen and upcoming A Mermaid's Curse.
She has a bachelor's in business and finance and a MBA. With only a few semesters left in school, Daniele started writing as a hobby, but it didn't take long for her to be consumed by her stories. That is her passion, and she now has several projects under way.
She enjoys reading and writing young adult novels with just about any sort of paranormal or supernatural bent...vampires... ghosts... She also enjoys watching hockey, playing rock band, guitar hero and spending time with the family.

Arianna always felt like she didn’t belong in the world where she was born. Ever since she was little, she used to hide behind the rocks in the sea, and watch the human family who spent their summers on that island. Over the years, there was nothing she wished more than to be like them, especially so she could get close to Blake, the human boy who she saw turn into a troubled teenager and then, an unhappy man.
Once her dad grew tired of her dreams and hopes for a reality that is not her own, Arianna is thrown into an arranged marriage, and her only way out of it is to make a deal with the power-hungry man who will give her everything that she has ever dreamed of. Dreams that turn into nightmares as she watches Blake’s world fall apart, because of her and Blake’s inability to control their desires for one another.

I will now hand the blog over to Daniele:
From YA to Adult
I want to start out by thanking Sabrina for letting me take over her awesome blog! 
To the readers who are new to my fictional worlds, I’m the author of two YA series, Academy of the Fallen and Imprinted Souls and I have an adult book (Insatiable – A Mermaid’s Curse) coming out this April.
Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions in relation to writing YA versus adult fiction and whether I prefer one over the other, so I thought I would answer a few of these questions right here!  
When I started writing Mermaid’s Curse, I honestly had no idea how the whole adult thing would turn out.  I have spent so much time focusing on YA characters that I was a bit nervous about writing from the POV from someone who is actually around my age. *Laughs* I was actually surprised with how fast I fell in love with the characters from Mermaid’s Curse. In fact, at one point I felt like I was cheating on my YA characters!  Anyway, I found that the biggest difference in writing adult vs. YA was that with adult fiction, I didn’t have to stop to think about whether something was appropriate or not for my target audience.  This ended up leading me to write about 2-4k words a day, when I usually write about 1500.  I couldn’t stop and I didn’t want it to end.
Does this mean I love writing adult more than YA?  Absolutely NOT!  I love writing them just the same.  With YA, I love being able to tell about a character’s first kiss, first love, etc.  There is something about how young adults react to certain things compared to adults.  They are more unpredictable.  They usually have less ‘grown up’ things to worry about and are often more passionate about making things happen and going after what they want.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of adults do too, but they also think about the ‘what ifs’.   In a way, I tried to create a balance in A Mermaid’s Curse.  Arianna has that YA innocence and she experiences a lot of ‘firsts’.  Blake on the other hand always thinks about the consequences to his every action, at least when he is not around Arianna…. He tends to lose control when she is around.
For more about me and my books, you can find me at the links below.

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Thank you so much Daniele for taking over my blog. I can't wait for A Mermaid's Curse to come out. Now for the giveaway. Daniele has donated 1 signed poster of A Mermaid's Curse and 2 ebooks from either Imprinted Souls or Academy of the Fallen. To enter answer this question: If you could be a mermaid, vampire, or fallen angel what would you pick and why? Make sure to leave your email so you can be reached if your the winner. Can't wait to read your answers. Good Luck!!


  1. It's always nice to discover new authors and their books via your blog. Thank you!

    I will be adding Daniele's book to my TBR list :)

    To answer your question, I would pick to be a Mermaid. I'm afraid to say that since I watched the Little Mermaid as a kid I always wanted to live in Ariel's world :)

  2. Hi! I love Daniele Lanzarotta Academy of the Fallen series! To answer your question I would go with fallen angel I guess. I would miss to much here on land if I went with mermaid and vampire I don't know if I could handle the drinking of blood. e(dot)sadlersfan(at)yahoo(dot)com