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Pygmalia Blog Tour

I am so excited to be participating in this tour. I love and adore Stephanie and her books are just amazing. On my stop there is a spotlight, guest post, excerpt, review, and giveaway.

Stephanie was born and raised in Miami where she currently works as a mental health counselor. In her spare time she loves to read, write, spend time with loved ones, travel, and watch anything made in the UK. Her other works include books one and two of The Draconi Series.

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Guest Post:
As a writer, what are some of your pet peeves?

That’s a difficult question. I don’t really have very many pet peeves when it comes to writing, to be honest. I suppose finding a typo after reading something several times can be a bit annoying, or thinking you have an original idea, and then you find out someone else has already written about it. That feels more like a downer than a pet peeve.
Outside of writing, I can name plenty of pet peeves though! Traffic, rude people, disorganization, procrastination. . . I could go on. Writing is sort of my sanctuary from all those annoying things that come up in life. When I write, I control the world, I make people say and do what I want them to do. I don’t have to think about the commute to work, the laundry sitting in the hamper, the chicken in the fridge that needs cooking. It’s a lot easier than dealing with things in the real world.
I know that there are some people that might say getting bad reviews might be a pet peeve. It hurts, but it’s not really an annoyance. It’s hard to get irritated over someone’s opinion. That would be like getting annoyed at someone who doesn’t like the same food as you, or the same music. You just have to shrug it off and keep on moving.
I suppose something that can be a bit of a nuisance is being too tired to write. You get home from a long day at work and you know exactly what you want to write but your brain has shut down for the day. Focusing and getting everything down on the computer becomes tantamount to pulling teeth. This happens to me a lot, but I try my best to deal with that lethargy and push through. That’s the only thing you can do when you get to that point. You just have to get through the initial feelings of exhaustion and remember how much you love to be in the worlds you’re creating. 

Lily is the heir to her father’s family fortune, except she wants no part in it. Especially if it means having to spend months away from her loving mother, being ignored by her genius, yet reclusive father, and tormented by her domineering grandmother.

Since her parent’s divorce, Lily has been forced to spend every summer, bored to death, at her father’s dilapidated estate in England. The one consolation is that this is the last summer she will have to visit before her eighteenth birthday frees her of this obligation. What Lily didn’t expect to find was someone who is just as lonely and out of place as she is. Someone that could make her actually want to stay at the rundown mansion.

Deep in the basement of her father’s home, she finds Adam, who is half human, half machine. He is her father’s latest prototype: a creation built for war, but able to do so much more than just basic fighting tactics and artillery protocol. Lily cannot help but be drawn to her father’s experiment, though she’s certain nothing can come of it. When she realizes that Adam will eventually be taken from her and potentially destroyed, she must decide whether putting her family in jeopardy is worth the risk of helping him escape.

It was the guy from the laboratory; he managed to find me, and the panic coursing through my body is enough to send me curling up into a ball, just letting him drag me to whatever hell he came from. I can’t though; I can’t keep from fighting back. I struggle to get his hand loose from around my wrist, but there’s no use. I smack him, push at him, and even punch him in the face, which hurt me more than it appeared to affect him. He’s immovable. 
“Please,” I finally resort to pleading with him, “Please don’t hurt me.” I feel more tears streaming down my face; I fall to my knees, covering my mouth to keep from weeping. I don’t even care about dirtying the dress further; it was ruined the second I stepped foot in these woods.
“I have no instructions to hurt you. I’m here to bring you back to your father.” He says plainly. I can barely see his face in the shadows, but I remember those haunting blue eyes.
“What does he want with me?” I say, drying my tears with the back of my hand.
“I don’t know. I have only been told to find you and bring you back.”
“Who are you?”
“I was instructed to keep all information regarding myself and your father classified. Please come with me, or I will have to use force.”
“I thought you said you weren’t supposed to hurt me,” I say.
“I do not need to hurt you to get you to come with me,” I can tell that he’s probably from the London area, based on his accent.
“If I go with you, back to the house, what will happen?”
“I don’t know.”
“Then I think I’ll stay here.”
“The likelihood of your survival out here is scarce. You will only injure yourself further.” I can feel him touching a cut on my arm I got from running into a branch when I first ventured into the woods. His hand is warm, the way a live human person’s would feel against my skin.
“Please come with me,” he says, and holds out something. I grab the objects, realizing they’re my heels.
“You brought my shoes?”
“I thought they might be of use to you.”
“Heels in the forest, in the dark? Not so much useful as they are an accident waiting to happen,” I grumble. “Alright, lead the way. But if you try and hurt me, I’m jabbing this Manolo Blahnik in your eye socket.”
“What is a Manolo Blahnik?” he asks. I can’t see his face, but I’m sure it looks extremely confused. Guys.
“Never mind,” I sigh, “just know that I will do some damage if you try anything.”
“I understand,” he says. As we begin our trek back to the house, I stumble a few times. He grabs my waist before I fall flat on my face, and takes my hand in his; it’s softer than I would have imagined it to be. “This might help,” he says as he triggers something on his hand. A light emanates from beneath his skin, turning it an orangey pink. I pull away from him and point at his hand.
“How did you do that?”
“It’s one of my tools. I don’t need it really, but I suppose you do,” he says holding out his unlit hand to me, while stretching the other in front of him so he can light my way.
“What are you?”
“I am Prototype 78.”
“What does that even mean? That doesn’t tell me anything about you.”
“It’s not supposed to,” he keeps his gaze forward as we walk down the hillside towards the house. We moved silently through, and as we passed the lake, I couldn’t help but feel unnerved by him.
“Are you some kind of alien?”
“I can’t answer that,” his face barely shows any kind of emotion, but there’s something in there; I remember seeing it when I looked into his eyes.
“You were dead,” I press on. “You were dead on that table when I found you, and then you just woke up. So you’re obviously not human. You’re some kind of experiment he’s working on.” He doesn’t respond, so I keep deducing on my own.“You have scars, but they look nothing like what I’d imagine a zombie would look like. You’ve got that light coming out of your hand, and you were able to track me in this darkness. I’m guessing alien.”
“I’m not an alien,” he finally admits.
“Aha!” I jump and point at him. “So you’re an experiment. Like Frankenstein, just not as gross looking.”
“Frankenstein is not the name of the monster; it’s the name of the doctor. The monster never had a name.”
“Are you saying you’re Frankenstein’s monster?”
“I’m not a monster,” he says, except for the first time, there’s sadness behind his words. He looks down at his hand, as if somehow disgusted with himself, but his movements are robotic. Even his affect is flat and unexpressive.
“Fair enough, you’re not a monster,” I say. He looks down at me and seems relieved; he’s not a monster, but he’s definitely not human.

I was so wrapped up into this unique book that I read it in one sitting and I am still left wanting more.

Lily is heir to her family’s fortune but she wants none of it. She would rather stay in the USA then be forced to spend another summer in London with her recluse father and a verbally abusive grandmother. It’s not until she forces herself into her dad’s lab in the house that things start to change for her. She meets Adam; her father’s creation. He is part human part machine. Lily’s father is not at all happy with her interference in his work but she uses threats to get her way with him. But when Lily and Adam learn why he was created they try to figure out way to get him out of it. But with emotions getting stronger and people closing in on them can they get Adam out safely before he or Lily are terminated?  

When I read the synopsis for this book I was instantly drawn in and the Stephanie didn’t disappoint me. Lily is so strong and she’s defiantly a character teen girls can look up to. I looked up to her and admired her strength and her ability to handle anything that was thrown at her. Adam is my new book crush. There is something about him that makes him so vulnerable but strong at the same time. His feelings for Lily are so strong even when he doubts if they are real due to being part machine. But he goes through get lengths to keep her safe and to let her know he loves her and will do anything for her. The chemistry between them is magical and leaves you almost feeling like you intruding on hem when they are spending time with one another. Another character I love is Virgil but I really can’t say why without giving any spoilers but just know he really steps up and helps Lily and Adam when it matters most.

I can not wait for the next book in this exciting new series filled with action, heart ache, lost, and love.
 5/5 Bloody Fangs  

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