Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cover Reveal Chance Encounters by Jenna Pizzi

I am so excited to be participating in this cover reveal for Jenna. I absolutely love and adore her and her books just ROCK! So when she asked if I would participate I of course jumped at the chance. But before I show you the reveal let's get to know more about Jenna.

From as far back as I can remember I always had a story to tell. Whether it was creating a world for my dolls, or running through the woods trying to escape the unseen forces that were after me. As I got older, I carried a notebook around with me and wrote about the life I wished I had been living. It was my escape. Even then, I didn't realize it was something I could actually put together on my own.
In high school, I discovered writers such as Dean Koontz, Nora Robert, and many more amazing authors. I would get lost in those books. The drama, the suspense, the romance, the terror, it was thrilling. I wanted to tell stories just like that. Unfortunately, life happens. Families begin, and those dreams sometimes get pushed aside while new ones arise.
It wasn't until a few years ago, another writer told me the story of how she sat in her mini-van while at her child's sports practice with a notebook, and she wrote an entire novel that became an instant bestseller. She told me it was the most thrilling thing she'd ever done, and that it was never too late to live out a dream.
I went home, set up my laptop, sat down, and wrote my first novel "The Long Road Home." I was dealing with a lot of emotions after a family tragedy and that one novel, released me from all the pain I was feeling. When I was through, the feeling of seeing my words in the palm of my hand was unlike any feeling I had ever experienced. I haven't stopped writing since. I am a storyteller. I want to create a world that will touch your heart the way mine has been touched.

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Cover Reveal:

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter the most. Emma is a small town girl with big dreams. After years of working hard, she thought she finally had it all: a beach house in Malibu, a fiancĂ© who is a well-known surgeon, and a climbing career in the newspaper world. Except, when Emma finds Matt in bed with another woman only weeks before their wedding, she takes a giant leap by accepting a promotion on the east coast. While in her travels across the country, Emma crosses paths with the free-spirited, fly by the seat of his pants, Jacob. She's fascinated by him and his outlook on life. When circumstances leave her stranded in a strange city, fate brings Jacob and Emma together again. He takes her on a two day journey into his world where he shows her that money doesn’t always buy you happiness. Happiness is there for the taking, all Emma needed to do was know where to look. So, when Matt rides in to the rescue, Emma must decide if her relationship with him is worth saving, or if her chance encounter with Jacob is her tomorrow.
Cover by Regina Wamba Coming this Fall

Full Wrap:

WOW! That cover is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to read this book. Thank you Jenna for letting me participate in this Cover Reveal.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

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