Monday, December 24, 2012

Booky Holiday Traditions Blog Hop

I am so excited to be participating in this blog hop. I got to ask two of my favorite authors their traditions and book plans for the new year. I will also be telling you about my traditions. First up is Cat Miller:

I have some standard and long established holiday traditions and some that are newer and less traditional. Every year we kick off the holiday season with the Macy's parade while I cook Thanksgiving dinner. A few years back my family went to New York City as a family Christmas gift. My daughters and I danced on the big green star where the performers stop and do their thing for the cameras. It was fun until the light turned green and a cab driver, as politely as only a NY cabby could, asked us to get out of street. Now we remember that trip and laugh about it every years.
Of course we have our yearly cookie baking party. It's usually just me and my girls with any friends of theirs that happen to be around to eat the cookies as soon as I bake them.
I bought stockings for both of my babies on first Christmas and we hang those same stockings every year.
For me personally I don't feel like it's Christmas time until I watch the movie Love Actually. Great holiday movie made in the UK in 2003 that makes me laugh, cry, sing, and feel like it's time to go shopping.
My kids each pick a new ornament for the tree every year. We have now gotten to the point that we use the standard round ornaments just to fill in the space between all of the special ones we've collected over the years.
My family always got together on Christmas eve for our family party but in the years since I lost my dad and grandma that has moved to the week between Christmas and New Years Day.
These are a few of my holiday traditions. We bought a house this year so I susoect there will be more new traditions to come. I truely enjoy the holiday season because it always brings my family and friends a bit closer. Wish a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season from my family to yours.
~ Cat Miller
Upcoming Book News
I will be releasing the first book in a new spin-off series early this year. There will be new hot vampires and big drama in a different region but the same society as the Forbidden Bond Series. The title of book one is Imposter: A Vampire Nation Novel and it is tentatively set for a late February release. Keep your eyes on this page for an upcoming cover reveal.
I am dipping my toe into the would of horror writing for a short story collection to be released in the Sping of the year. I'm very excited and also nervous about going out of my comfort zone for this project.
I'll be working on releasing Unmerciful, the third book in the Forbidden Bond Series this Summer. Cayden will be back with a host of new friends and old ones as well. I hope you're looking forward to his story as much as I am.
By the end of the 2013 I plan to have the second, as yet untitled book, in the new Vampire Nation Series out for your reading pleasure.
Check out my fan page for more info on upcoming releases.

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Next up is K.B. Miller:
 My Family's Traditions for Christmas
As I get older, traditions are becoming more important than ever to me. I know sooner than I care to admit, my monkey
will be off to college, and then on to having a family of his own, so my time with him is important. 
Thanksgiving Day, we begin by decorating the entire house, and putting up our Christmas tree. We have hot cocoa with marshmallows, 
and play Christmas music from sun up till sun down. 
The day after Thanksgiving the hubster and I go Christmas shopping every year.
On Christmas Eve, my entire family gets together to make Christmas cookies. Santa is always when he visits each home! LOL

Book News:
For 2013, I'm going to be releasing Conversion, and Trinity's Quest. There are a few surprise releases in there, but if I
tell you they wouldn't be surprises ;)
Thank you for joining me today!
From my family to your Merry Christmas <3
K.B. Miller, xoxoxo

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Now for my traditions:
My Christmas traditions have gotten a little different as I have gotten older. When I was a kid we would go over and hep my grams decorate her tree on black friday while listening to Christmas music. We would also shop through out the month. Then a few days before Christmas my mom and me would start to bake all kinds of goodies to give to family, neighbors, and to have on Christmas day. On Christmas eve we would go down to my grandparents house to have a small dinner and open presents and visit. After we left we would go look at lights before we went home where I would open 1 present then it was off to bed. Christmas day I would wake up early and get coffee made for my parents before I woke them up. Then we would open presents and after head down to my grandparents house for visiting and to eat Christmas dinner. Now that I am older somethings have changed in our traditions. My mom and me still bake but on Christmas eve me and my husband go look at lights and everyone comes to our house for dinner.

Blog News:
For 2013 I have some new things coming to the blog. I have author spotlights and author take over. The spotlights will be an interview, book covers, teasers, and giveaway if the author wants. Author takeover will be anything the author wants to post from there own book info, authors and books they love to read, writing process, character guest post, giveaway, etc. There is also amazing blog tours I will be participating in and I will start posting vlogs once or twice a month. Oh lots more giveaways planned. 

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Thank you to Cat and K.B. for sharing their holiday traditions and book news for 2013 with us and for their donations. Merry Christmas!!


  1. Every Christmas eve my entire family goes to my moms house and we eat nothing but different kinds of appetizers and open presents then on Christmas day the entire family goes to my grandmothers for dinner. And in my home we always watch A Christmas Story in the morning while we open presents. :)

  2. because it is JUST my brother and i we always have take out on christmas eve while we watch movies and open our gifts then go visit extended family on christmas day

  3. I don't really have any much of when I was young except going to my Grandma's every Christmas and I loved that the most of all

  4. We always are home Christmas Eve and we open one present, then we watch National Lampoon's Christmas.....the best holiday movie ever! Thanks so much for the chance to win :)

  5. I really dont have a Christmas favorite is just being able to watch my kids face as they open all the presents :-)

  6. This year we made ornaments. I think we will do it every year from now on.


  8. The only big Christmas tradition is doing presents and a meal on Christmas eve at my Nana's house. Everyone comes over to my house on Christmas day. I also love baking cookies, wrapping and listening to Christmas music. :) Shopping is okay too when the people aren't going crazy!