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Tiger's Promise Blog Tour

Today on my blog I have the Tiger's Promise Blog Tour. On my stop there is a spotlight, review, 5 Random Things about Colleen, and a giveaway.

 Before the curse, there was a promise. 

A prequel to the bestselling Tiger’s Curse series, this much anticipated novella recalls the beginning of Ren and Kishan’s story. Before Kelsey there was a girl, raised by a villain, whose love for a hero changed the course of history.

Trapped under the thumb of her abusive and powerful father Lokesh, Yesubai struggles to keep her own magical abilities secret while evading his dark powers. When Lokesh promises Yesubai to the prince of a neighboring kingdom, she becomes the central pawn in his plot to destroy the ruling family and take power for himself. Yesubai is trapped by her father’s threats and desperate to protect the man she comes to love, but she knows that any decision she makes will have dire consequences. As dark forces gather around her, Yesubai must decide if she’s willing to reveal that somewhere deep within her she has the power to change everything. 

I love this series so I was so excited when I heard we would get to know more about Yesubai and her cruel father who put the curse on Ren and Kishan.

Yesubai was a beautiful little girl whose mother was dead and lives in fear of her father who is mentally, physical, and emotionally abusive towards her. But that little girl grows up into a gorgeous woman who hides her powers from everyone especially her father.

I knew that Lokesh was a cruel and evil man from the later books but it really shows in this novella and what lengths he will go to get what he wants even using his own daughter to pit brother against brother. Which I knew from the retellings in the books but to see it from Yesubai as she is experiencing it puts a whole new feel to the story which I just loved. Reading this novella has made me want to read this series all over again my only complaint is I wish it was the first time so I can have that feeling of meeting new characters and falling in love with them for the first time.

I highly recommend this novella to anyone who is looking for a great adventure to get lost in. But trust me when I say you will want the whole series to read along with it.
5/5 Bloody Fangs 

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New York Times Bestselling author Colleen Houck is a lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, paranormal, science fiction, and romance. When she’s not busy writing, she likes to spend time chatting on the phone with one of her six siblings, watching plays, and shopping online. Colleen has lived in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, California, and North Carolina and is now permanently settled in Salem, Oregon with her husband and a huge assortment of plush tigers. 

5 Random Things:
Random Thing #1-I am an avid reader. Have been all my life. My mom got me started when I was a kid. She’d take us all to the public library at the beginning of summer break and we’d go back every week to load up on books. It was like a book shopping spree all summer long.

Random Thing #2-I am a food addict. I love watching the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. I enjoy learning all about the various things that go on in restaurants and imagining I’m going to take the time to actually flambĂ© something someday. My secret indulgence when I go on tour is to find celebrity chef’s restaurants to try out.

Random Thing #3-I have a huge crush on Hugh Jackman. I love him in everything. How on earth could Jean Grey have turned down Wolverine when he confessed his feelings? I love him even more because he’s a good dad and a devoted husband in real life. So impressed with the guy on so many levels.

Random Thing #4-I absolutely believe in Happily Ever Afters. I’ve always been a romantic at heart and I spent my young teen years daydreaming about who was going to come along and sweep me off my feet. There may or may not have been horses and armor involved. I’m happily married in real life to a fabulous guy who loves everything about me. He even bravely ate my first and only attempt at goulash the first year we were married. 2014 marks our twentieth anniversary and each year just gets better.

Random Thing #5-I have a koi pond. My first major purchase when I sold my books was doing my backyard the way I’d always wanted and that included a water feature. When I found out I could have fish, I promptly bought twelve beautiful but tiny koi fish. They are all about a foot long now and they know who I am. Though some of them look similar, I know them all on sight. Their names are Flash, Citrus, Lemon, Tang, Romulus, Remus, Streak, Licorice, Luna, Ginger, Clove, and Comet. 

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