Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooktacular Blog Hop

Today on my blog I have the last stop on the Spooktacular Blog Hop. On my post it's all about decorations as I love to go all out for it. I buy a new prop every year except for this year as I am trying to move so I didn't get to the store this year. But here are a few I have bought the past few years. Don't forget to look for the word in red as you will need it to complete the sentence. So let's get started and have a Spooky Time here!

 I always enjoy seeing the looks on all the kids and parents faces when they see my yard. It makes all the weeks of planning and arranging the props worth it when they get scared, laugh, or want to take photos in my yard.

This is a prop my friend sent me that I just love. If I could I would hang it up all year round. Who knows maybe one of these years Dracula will show up and have a pint or two. lol!

This is the new prop I bot last year. He terrified my niece so badly until her grandma got her think of him as a big puppy dog. So now every time she sees anything that has a werewolf she always says look tia it's a big puppy dog just like you have.

Here is my witch who loves to cackle and lure little children to her cauldron for some treats. She sometimes manages to get a few who are willing to try her special potion she brews.

These next props are by far my favorite ones I own. I started my buying of props with the butler who I have named Lurch and surprising enough he is the one everyone is the most scared of. For some reason everybody thinks he is real. I have had to get in between many teens who want to punch him as they think he's gonna grab them. Standing with him is the Countess my 1800's vampire. She scares kids the second most as they think she will drain them. I always love to see how everyone will react to Lurch and Countess.

Here! is an over view of my yard with all my decorations.

Thank you for stopping by my blog for the last day of the Spooktacular Halloween Blog Hop! I hope you had fun going to all the blogs and reading about our Halloween traditions, top tens, etc. Don't forget to enter the giveaway below. I will also add all the previous links in case you have missed any of them so you can go back and check them out and get the word in red. I will leave you with one more photo of me meeting the Queen of Darkness herself Elvira last year around Halloween.
Happy Halloween!!!

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I would like to say Thank You to all the Authors and Bloggers who participated.


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