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Secrets Blog Tour

Today on my blog I have the Secrets Blog Tour. On my stop there is a spotlight, excerpt, review, and giveaway.

Leah has locked away secrets her entire life; secrets from her friends, secrets from her mother. To Leah they were simply quirks. Little things she couldn't explain...phenomenal senses, light sensitivity, the ability to read people using their unique scents.
The darkest secret of all was hidden inside Leah. A secret her mother, Mia was determined to keep silent. Trusting an old friend with her daughter's safety, Mia kept Leah's secret well-guarded. A vow made long ago never to let the monster that took Leah's father step foot in their daughter's life again.
In a fit of revenge fueled by years of jealousy, Mia's secret is revealed, throwing Leah's life into a free fall. A trail of blood and bodies soon follow Leah wherever she goes.
Leah is suddenly thrust into a world she never knew existed; A world as fascinating as it is deadly. Beings foreign to her step in to protect her. As Raine takes his place beside her, he is forced to face a few secrets of his own.

Will they uncover the secrets that bind them? Will they succumb to the devil himself?

“No, it’s not,” I said pushing her hand away. She smiled and went to sit back down at her desk. “I’m twenty-two years old. I hate seeing you alone all the time. Mom, you deserve to have a life away from the store and me. I promise I won’t fall apart if you find somebody.”
            “It doesn’t matter how old you are, baby. I know you would love for me to find a man who could love me, but my heart belongs to your dad. No other man will ever be able to change that.”
            “You can’t even try? I’m sure he never expected you to be alone forever.” I may not have known him, but if he had loved her the way she does him, it’s a safe bet I was right. “What would he say if he knew you’ve been hiding behind him all these years?”
            Silence prevailed for a minute. I even thought I might have finally made my point. Then she looked back up at me. I knew then I’d gone too far. Upsetting her was the last thing I wanted to do. Tears flooded her deep blue eyes even as a soft, patient smile formed over her perfect porcelain face.
            “I don’t know what he’d say,” she said quietly. “But, baby, I think he’d understand. The last night I saw him I found out how cruel and unpredictable this world can be. There are things, people in this world that can change your life in an instant, Leah. Most times you don’t even know who or what to look for until it’s too late. I lived through the pain once; I refuse to go through it again.”
            “You think he’s dead don’t you?” Finally, the one question I’d never had the nerve to ask was out there.
            “I know he is, honey,” she answered, turning in her chair to face me. “Death is the only thing that would keep him away,” she said, sitting down at her desk. “If only I had listened.”
            “What do you mean by that?”
            “Nothing, sweetie. I just wish he could have been here for you,” she said quietly. She turned back to her mirror, tears rolling down her cheeks. “He would have been such a good father.”
            “You know one of these days you’re gonna have to tell me about him,” I said softly. For years I’ve wondered about him. What did he look like? Did he have bright green eyes and dark brown hair like me? Did he have the same rich olive skin tone I do? Was he strong? Kind? What did his laugh sound like? Did he even have a sense of humor? Would he be proud of me now?
 “I know it hurts, but I don’t even know what my own father looks like.”
            “And one day I will,” she said, wiping away the tears. “But right now it’s still too hard.”
            “Maybe if you actually talked about him it wouldn’t be so hard.”
            “With talk comes questions, Leah,” she said looking up at me through the reflection in mirror. “With those questions come answers I can’t give. Not on my own.”
            “I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to try.”
            “I know you are,” she said softly. “But I can’t.”
            “Then who?” I asked desperately. “It’s not like we have family I can go to.” An only child, my mom’s parents had been killed in a horrible automobile accident weeks before she found out she was pregnant. Then my dad disappeared. Shortly after I was born, his parents passed away as they slept when their house caught fire. He’d had a sister, but nobody had heard from her after she’d run away from home. “Like it or not, you’re it.”
            “Leah, not now. Not tonight.” 

I loved everything about this book. Which is no surprise as I love my vampire and werewolf books but sometimes the stories can be a little boring but not with Secrets and there is quite a few of secrets in this book that will leave you guessing and trying to figure them out for yourself.

Leah is a recent college graduate who can feel and taste things your average person can’t which she knows makes her different but she has the love of her mom who she is c lose with but there is always one thing she has wanted to know and that is who her father is. It’s a secret her mom Mia keeps guarded. But as with all secrets they find a way out and soon Leah is in danger and needs to go into hiding. While on the run Leah meets Raine who is instantly enthralled with her and they build a friendship that turns into a romance. Raine will do anything to keep Leah safe from the beings that are hunting her. But Raine has secrets of his own that he doesn’t want to get out.

Raine really helps Leah with her powers. She learns to accept them for what they are and helps her accepts herself. He is just swoon worthy with his love for Leah. He is my new book crush and I desperately want the next book so I can see what will happen next. 5/5 Bloody Fangs 

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Dawn Kirby lives in Odessa, Texas, with her husband, and three children. When she is not busy being a mom, Dawn draws her inspiration from the night to create memorable characters in wonderful worlds. Secrets is her first novel in the Serenity Series. Her short stories have been published in several 7DS Anthologies and 13 Tales of the Paranormal. For more information on Dawn Kirby, please visit her website 

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  2. This sounds like an great book. Some authors of books I enjoy are Darynda Jones, Faith Hunter, Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton, Cecy Robson or Karen Chance.