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Blood & Roses Blog Tour

Today on my blog I have the Blood & Roses blog tour. I am excited to be participating in this tour. On my stop there is a spotlight, playlist, and review.

Caught in a cycle of life, death and rebirth…

Cursed with immortality, Nicolei believes the vampire blood coursing through his veins means he will forever be alone. As he prowls through the countryside, draining peasants one after another, his hatred for his existence only grows. Until one night fate shows him a life of possibilities with a beauty that deserved more than a dingy tavern. Claiming Katarina was easy; taming her was more of a challenge. She would be the life or death of him with her mischief, but her bewitching ways would keep him chasing her for centuries.

Is it merely Déjà vu or fate that brings us together?

Rispa takes refuge in New Orleans during a desperate attempt to escape a treacherous life with her sadistic husband, Thorn. Drawn to the Big Easy by an unknown force, she prays the spirits said to haunt the city will protect her. Her senses come alive while walking the streets of the French Quarter, and an intriguingly familiar woman named Onyx enters her life. As their passions rise, whispered voices and memories of the past help unlock the secrets of their souls…

Immortal or mortal, can love truly last the ages? 

Onyx woke as the sun’s bright rays pierced the room. Stumbling out of bed, she cursed under her breath for not closing the curtains the night before. With one hand over her eyes to shield them from the light, she made her way to the windows pulling the curtains closed. Welcoming the darkness again, she approached the bed to gaze at the lovely Rispa, still in peaceful slumber. The last twelve hours sent her life into a whirlwind. A woman she’d dreamt about walked into her life yesterday. It’d started out as a normal day. Today she felt like she was stumbling down a long black top road, not knowing what might jump out in front of her. Rispa’d started a chain reaction of events when she entered the shop yesterday. Okay, here was the damsel to rescue, now what? After hearing Rispa’s story, Onyx knew a battle was yet to come. Onyx was aware of their past lives together. She’d dreamt of this woman her entire life and knew Rispa was the one she’d been chasing for centuries, one lifetime after another. They would be born, find each other and end tragically at the hands of their enemy time and time again. I always have to rescue her. And here once again, it’s him. Do we have to do this every time?
Onyx returned to bed and snuggled beside the sleeping. Trying to fall asleep again, she realized she’d been waiting for Rispa by the water in her dream, but she never came. She wondered if she concentrated now, could she find Rispa in her reverie and take her back to the beginning where they first met all those centuries ago. Traveling back to that time might open Rispa’s eyes to the connection between them. When sleep overcame Onyx again she searched for Rispa through the dimensions of her dreams. She had a hunch as to where to find her. Rispa was still a lost soul adrift in this lifetime, so Onyx went to the one place she knew was a safe haven—the clearing in the woods.
Making her way through the trees Onyx saw Rispa sitting in the middle of the clearing, knees drawn to her chest. A dark shadow loomed over her, keeping her captive. She made her way toward Rispa as the shadow shrank back and disappeared. When they were in this dimension together, the smoky apparition was powerless.
Onyx moved like lightning to Rispa and placed a hand on her shoulder. She called Rispa by her first given name, “Katarina.”
Rispa looked over her shoulder to see Onyx standing behind her. She struggled to stand like she was trying to escape a puddle of molasses.

Facing one another, Onyx looked deep into Rispa’s soul through the windows of her eyes hoping for recognition.
When their eyes locked and their souls met, the trees around them and the ground beneath them faded away. The dimensions of the shared dream shifted as time unwound. The trees around them were replaced by buildings and the dirt beneath them turned into cobblestone streets. 

For this being a debut book it defiantly reads like an experienced author who has published many books. Cozie has written a book that had me falling in love with her characters and really what’s not to love with these souls who have sought out their soul mates for lifetimes. But in this life time we have Rispa who is on the run and Onyx who runs a shop in New Orleans who has secrets of her own. Will fate finally let these soul mates have their love or will it be destroyed like every other time?

I loved both characters immediately but I fell for Onyx faster than Rispa. There was just something about all the mystery around her that I found myself caught up in her story and wanting to know all about her. Don’t get me wrong I loved Rispa too I totally felt her loneliness as she ran from the person she thought loved her only to find out he was not at all what she thought. From the very start I was pulled into the fight Rispa and Onyx had to try and make this lifetime work for them but when the enemy is closing in quicker can they actually make it? To know that you will have to read the book to see if fate was on their side or was cruel and makes them wait another life time to be together.

With well thought out characters and a love that transcends many life times Blood & Roses will leave you glued to the very last page holding your breath. This is defiantly one of my favorite reads this year and I am looking forward to reading more from Cozie in the future. 5/5 Bloody Fangs   

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Check out this awesome Play List that Cozie used while writing her book. There is a lot of great music on it. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I would also like to say Thank You to Cozie for letting me re view your book. 

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