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Rising Shadows Blog Tour

Today on my blog I have the Rising Shadows blog tour. On my stop there is a spotlight, excerpt, review, and giveaway.

Rachel Ryan wakes up with no knowledge of where she is or how she got there. Thrown into a world she thought only existed in myths, she finds more questions than answers.

Shape shifters, faeries, and vampires hide in plain sight among humans. There’s a war quietly brewing in the shadows. Rachel stands between mankind and those creatures that live in the darkness.

Enhanced with power she doesn’t understand, she’ll tip the scales, but who is the real enemy? 

“The bitch has to die. She murdered my son!” The mother of the werewolf Rachel killed in self-defense. “I will avenge my child!”
Behind her is Alonzo’s brother. He puts his arm around his mother to comfort her. “Don't cry Mama. I will get justice for Alonzo.” He turns towards the council and yells, “I demand Weregild from Rachel Ryan!”
 Out of nowhere, Bastien is beside Rachel. His hand on her arm, and whispers in her ear.
“Uh, I want Bastien as my champion!” Rachel blurts out as Bastien starts to unbutton his shirt.
Miguel just bit off a lot more than he can chew. Bastien is a fun loving kind of guy. He’s easy to laugh, and always joking, but he’s also the son of the Alpha Prime. He was taught to fight brutally from the cradle.
“Bastien, son, you are familiar with the law. She’s not our kin, nor mate to our kin. We have no ties to this woman. You cannot champion a stranger.” Claude reminds him.
Claude is a slick one. Every word he says is carefully measured. There was something in there meant for Bastien to grasp. Father and son stare at one another. Bastien snakes a hand around Rachel’s waist and leans her backwards until she’s flush against him. His right palm is flat on her abdomen. He tilts her head to the side with his left.
“Then I claim her.” His teeth sink into the flesh of Rachel’s neck.  

This is one of those stories that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the very last page and it will leave you wanting more.

Rachel wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She is than thrown in a room where she is told that if she wants to live she better fight to the death with a werewolf. Thinking she is only human she has no idea how she will survive. But soon she finds out that the facility has been doing testing on her and she now has supernatural powers that will have to save her and a child named Livia. From here the story moves quickly and Rachel finds out that all the beings she thought were myth are in fact real and they want to use her to kill them all. But what they didn’t expect was for their experiment to turn on them and take them out. Along the way Rachel’s life is completely changed with some new friends, and a fast relationship with an, oh so sexy werewolf named Bastien.  

I loved the fast pace of this story and the different POV’s from the characters as we got to see this world through their eyes and how they see one another. The relationship with Rachel and Bastien moves fast but they literally burn the pages they’re that HOT together. He has now become one of my new book crushes and I can’t wait for more of him in future books.

As much I loved this book I do have an issue with it. There is a character that I grew very attached to and something happens to her and all we get is a small mention of her later in the book. I am hoping Bridget touches on this in the next book as I really like this character and I am hoping things can be fixed somehow.

Bridget is defiantly on my Must But list after reading the start of her action packed and sexy alphas that will leave you breathless begging her for the next book which I need ASAP! 
4/5 Bloody Fangs 

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Bridget Blackwood is a hopeless romantic and a fan of happily ever after. She grew up in East Texas where she met and married her high school sweetheart. Together they moved to Southern Illinois, it's been home for over a decade now. Bridget began telling stories at an early age, she writes in self-defense because the characters in her head are loud and bossy. A social butterfly by nature, Bridget loves to talk and laugh. When she isn't writing she enjoys watching horror movies, playing video games, and not cooking. 

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  1. That character you're worried about is addressed in the short ebook Winter's Kiss! I'm giving it away for free to all readers until May 31. Email me at to request a digital copy. I think you'll be happy with the direction I'm taking that character ;0)