Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Night Demon Blog Tour

I am so happy to be on this tour. I love the first two books in this series and this one does not disappoint at all. Every book just keeps getting better. So let's get started and meet Lisa and learn about her Night Walker men.

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An Ode to eBooks…

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to be at Sabrina's Paranormal Palace today!  Thanks for having me…

I’ve been a book lover ever since I could read.  Our local library used to have a 3 item limit to check out books, but they gave me a special red card so I had permission to check out 10 items at a time.  (I thought I was hot stuff, lemme tell ya!)

I love scanning book covers, reading blurbs, and finding new authors or a new series.  But I have a secret to share…

I’m desperately in love with my Kindle!  *insert B-movie horror scream*

My Kindle affair started when my Mom got me a Kindle for my birthday a couple years ago.  I was very curious about the “eBook craze”, but I was fairly certain I would only use the Kindle for books that were only available in eBook format.

But once I started reading on it, I fell in love.  The type was larger, I read faster, I never lost my place or had to hunt for something to mark my pages, and it was completely hands-free.  I think it was the hands-free that ended up winning me over. 

Since I write full-time, my reading time is precious and often while I’m eating my lunch. I never realized what a pain it was to keep my book propped open while trying to eat a sandwich!  My Kindle eliminated the crazy contortions needed to keep my elbow pressed against the spine of the book to hold it open while I munched my sandwich.  Magic!  It lies on the table, with its larger font and I just press one button to flip the page.

I was in love.
But for weeks, I felt like I’d gone to the dark side.  My love for my kindle was so strong that I downloaded some books into my Kindle that I already owned in paperback on my TBR pile because I knew I’d never again crack open that paperback and do battle while trying to eat my lunch.  It took some time before I was able to hold my head high and tell others that “I love reading on my Kindle!”

These days I’m proud of my eBook obsession, and my latest book, Night Demon, is an eBook only release. While I do still yearn to hold the paperback, I love reading it on my eReader and I get so jazzed seeing readers proudly displaying their eBook love! J  You can see some of the photos posted here Night Series 

So what about you?  Do you have an eReader?  Do you love it?  Let me know… 
I love to meet readers online so feel free to connect with me!

Deep within the Yucatan jungle, a demon has awakened...
Gretchen Finch’s job would be much easier if she weren’t alone in the jungle with a brilliant recluse whose every glance sets her on fire. But the more she focuses on her work, the closer she gets to unlocking the mysteries of a terrible creature—the Night Demon—that threatens the world as she knows it. Though her scientific mind tells her it’s impossible, she’s beginning to believe the ancient Mayan tales as the sinister jungle comes alive around her.
Lukas Smith has spent hundreds of years searching for answers to his immortal Night Walker nature. As a series of ancient glyphs become clear, he’s about to find out more than he’d ever hoped, but the more he learns, the more his fate intertwines with the Night Demon, and the harder it becomes to hide his immortal secret from the beautiful, intelligent Gretchen.
Together, they must find a way to stop the inexplicable violence and mass destruction surging across the earth before the Night Demon destroys more than just mankind.
My Review:
OMG!! I did NOT think I would love this series anymore then I already do but Lisa has proved me wrong yet again with this book and the oh so SEXY Lukas. 

I loved the first two books so much but Night Demon is much darker and sexier then the first two and that is saying something because I never thought I could love any of the Night Walkers more then Callisto but that is until I starting reading this book and Lukas came in. He is my favorite now of all the guys and once you read this book and meet him you will understand as I can’t even describe him without spoiling him for you. Gretchen is the perfect match for Lukas they are just great together. My only complaint is I wish they would have come together sooner but when they do it is HOT!

I highly recommend this series to any lover of vampire books. Lisa has put such a new and exciting twist on them that she will leave you begging her for the next book and wanting to know if these Night Walker men can get any SEXIER? I know for me I hope they do. 
5/5 Bloody Fangs

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I wanna say Thank You to Lisa for letting me review your book and for letting me be on the tour. Don't forget to enter the giveaway.


  1. Waving hello to Lisa..... Another fun post on a great blog site.


  3. Loved Night Demon.almost as much as my Nook. lol

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Glad you went digital. I too love my Kindle and all the books it can hold! I still enjoy paperbacks as well and often I find myself reading one of each at the same time. I rotate between my kindle and the PB every other night. I didn't get in on the Kindle craze, however until the Fire came out. When the bloggers started buzzing about it i researched and I asked for one for X-mas a couple years ago and got one (It was the ONLY thing I asked for..LOL)

    I'm thrilled the tour has gone so well! I'm loving your Night Series!


  5. @adamsgirl4602

    Thanks for coming by!!! And congratulations on your Kindle!!! SQUEE!!!!

    Lisa :)

  6. @sin

    Wow!!! That some huge love!!! :)

    Thanks for coming by Sin!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the Night Series!

    Lisa :)

  7. @Tami Bates

    Thanks Tami!!! I love it too!!! The Night Series got super lucky in the cover department! :)


  8. @Poison Rose

    Hi Sara! *waving*

    I only read research things that I need to mark with post its in book form... Yikes! LOL

    So glad you're enjoying the Night Series!!! (And your Kindle Fire! LOL)


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