Monday, April 15, 2013

Cover Reveal for Molly M. Hall

I am so excited to be participating in this cover reveal for Molly M. Hall I love her books and I cant wait to read this one. But before I show you the cover let's get to know more about Molly.

I am the author of the aforementioned Dark Prophecy series. The first book, Reckoning, was released in September 2012, and tells the story of Kat Matheson, a seventeen-year-old girl with the ability to see and hear the dead. This series will ultimately encompass four books. Mystery lovers take note—I also write an historic mystery series under the name M M Hall. Set in 1911 London, these novels feature Inspector Hargreaves, a man on a quest for the truth about his past. Look for Whispered Truth, the first in the series in the spring.

I've lived in Indiana, Texas, California and Colorado. I currently reside just outside of Denver. I pursued a degree in English Literature at Columbia College and worked in the dull mediocrity of the corporate world for several years before turning to writing full-time. I am a passionate lover of books, cats, British history, red wine, cemeteries, music and the unexplained. I'm also a study in contrasts—I love warm, sunny days, but I also adore rain and fog; I love bright, colorful gardens, but wear mostly black and navy; I'm devoted to both Linkin Park and Dvoräk; I love red wine and despise white; I'm fascinated by lizards and snakes, but run screaming from spiders; I love dawn and the rising sun, but am indifferent about sunsets. The list could go on, but this has to stop somewhere. 

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Now for the Cover Reveal:

"Out of the darkness and into the fire.
The truth changes everything."

The discovery of who and what she is changed Kat Matheson's life forever, revealing a world she never knew existed. A world filled with ominous spirits, mystical beings and dark magic. And a powerful ruler who will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal: her death. Now, in her fight to stay alive, and to protect those she loves, Kat begins the battle to take back what's hers.
Teaming with the enigmatic Lovell, Kat searches for the clues that hold the secret to her destiny. Clues that take her to places she never imagined, exposing her life—and her heart—to dangers she never saw coming…

Coming soon...Relentless, Book 2 in the Dark Prophecy series

Wow I love that cover and the synopsis sounds so good!! I can't wait for this book to come out. Thank you Molly for letting me participate in your cover reveal. 

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