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Author Spotlight with Toy Davis

I am so excited to have author Toy Davis as the spotlight author on my blog today. There is a interview, book trailer, excerpts, and giveaway where 2 ebooks are up for grabs. The winners will get a chance to pick which book but I will tell you more about that later. For now let's get to know more about Toy Davis and her books.

Toy Davis has always used writing as an escape from the boring reality she found herself in. She writes stories she enjoys, and hopes others will enjoy it as well. A lot of her stories and novels begin with a 'what if', and then become so much more. She loves food and dancing as well, and this is usually reflected in writing. Today she lives in California with her long time boyfriend, and two bratty cats. For more info go to her blog or facebook you can also follow her on twitter.

A group of college friends decide to spend winter break at Flow's cabin. They invite Hailey to join them for the first time, and she agrees to go because of her crush on Flow. Unbeknown to most of them, this cabin is known as the last resort due to the families that were killed there. The situation changes as people start to disappear. Hailey is the only person to notice, and can't seem to get the others to listen. She's determined to make them see the danger before its too late.

Hailey eyed her room as she walked to the bed with a bag in hand. She had checked all five rooms; this one was the biggest room. It was also the only one with a bathroom. Nice, she thought, when she had seen it. Someone else’s bags were in here, but she tossed them out. Only she deserved to be here.

Her lips curved into a seductive smile as she eyed her purple lacy panties. Perhaps Flow deserves these. Her smile deepened. He still can have it if he chooses to, she giggled with the thought. She wanted him.

She pulled out her make-up kit, and bottle of bubble bath. She walked to the connected bathroom and set the bubble bath on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub. His family really does have good taste, she silently complimented. Her feet slowed as she came to the sink. On the edge of it was a razor. Her head tilted. Fear wrapped around her heart. Stop being silly, it’s a razor. It probably belongs to whomever had this room before me.

She was still uneasy as she looked down at it. She forced her shoulders to relax. Silly, she scolded herself. Forcing her hand out, she picked the black thing up. It felt cold and wet. Her brows fell as her hand released it. It landed in the sink. Her eyes grew as she stared at the bright blood on her hands. Her eyes slid up, stopping on a bottle of pills. Her breath stopped. On its label read: Valium, Dayrit Hailey, 1000-mg. They were her pills.

Her head snapped up, meeting her own fear filled eyes. Flashes crossed her memory. The padded room that lit up as the lighting shot up to the sky. A thin, cold sheet wrapped around her body, as nurses approached her with needles.

“No,” she said as she shook her head. She dropped her make-up kit. “This can’t be happening.” Fear watered her eyes as she ran out of the room. She ran from her memories. Escaping to the bottom floor to get some answers.

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The Diaries of the Fag Hags follows three wild ladies as they go on their little adventures through life; Darnisa, Jasmine, and Faye. Darnisa is a strong, out-spoken, woman who is determined to prove she can get a man. Jasmine has to work through her own issues, while accepting that the hot men surrounding her do not want her because she has no penis. And Faye has a habit of looking down her nose at others while having a hard time standing up to her man. Come explore their life's, and their secrets.


Outside, the air felt cool against my flesh. My flesh? I distantly thought. I looked down and saw my bare arms. My coat; where was it? I pulled my hurricane closer to my body as I circled my little spot. Lucky, I didn't fall over.
Strange, it's gone. Taking another drink, I forgot to care.
"Jasmine," I heard my name come from inside the house.
“Oh, shit,” I thought with panic. They're coming; Carson's coming. Fear tightened my chest. They're coming. I could already hear him babbling about the self-composed drama in his life. I took another drink; I didn't want to hear it.
My vision cleared as I found my escape. Across the street sat two rows of unfinished houses. Their skeletons were up, but there were no doors or paint, and I was betting that most of the interior walls were missing, as well. Taking my flight, I hurried over with the hurricane splashing on my fingers. Damn it, it was going to waste.
“Jasmine!” I heard their taunting calls.
Have to get away raced through my mind. I left the sidewalk to make my way to the first house. "Shit." Mud sucked at my boot. I leaped onto the forgotten beams of wood to cleanly make it the rest of the way.
Inside it I found I had been right. The beams were up, though no solid wall filled the space between them. Holding my glass, I looked around. Stairs, I thought with a smile. True, there wasn't a rail yet but it would take me to the next floor, damn it. Rushing forward, I made it to the top, spill free, in fact. Damn, I'm good.
Smiling in triumph, I paced around the small top floor. My face soured as I realized how small it was. I turned and was faced with another wall; it was painfully small. Lifting the glass, I took another drink. With the glass still at my lips I spotted the jewel of the unfinished home. The tub.
"Oh." I rushed forward. I knew I must sit in it. There was a window above it. Nice. Looking out, I found the view left much to be desired. All I saw was the dirt backyard and the house on the next street over.
I dismissed it with a quick shrug as I switched my attention to the tub. It was a good size tub that could hold at least three people. I wanted to sit in it; I felt myself smile. Lifting my foot, I went to step in it. I noticed the coldness first, then the wetness. What?
"Water?" I snatched my foot from the tub. I stared at the darker cloth, of my jeans, in wonder. I could already feel my sock clinging to my foot. Great. What was the purpose of putting water in a tub of an unfinished house? "Idiots," I mumbled. Insulting them made me feel a little better.

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 When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
I have been writing all my life, but it wasn't until I was in my late teens that I decided to be an actual writer thanks to my friend Author Ellie Potts
 How did the idea of series come to you?
My ideas usually come from 'what if' questions; example what if zombies were real? Then I will base an story line on that question.

 Are any of your characters based off people you know?
In Diaries of the Fag Hags when I read it to edit I realized a couple of the characters did remind me of some of my friends. They somehow snuck their way into my novel

 How many books will be in the series? 
Right now the two novels I have are solo books, my WIP is the first book in a series though. I imagine it may be five or six books.

 How do you over come writer’s block?
I always work on two projects at once so when I get tirewd of one I can work on the other. It keeps me from getting stuck on one of piece.

 What is your writing process?
I decide on what to write, write out the key points that I want to happen, and finally draft up an outline of each chapter before I write them.

What is your favorite paranormal being?
Vampires are fun to write about but so are elemental beings so I'm torn between the two.

 What was the first paranormal book you read?
R.L Stine and LJ Smith were the horror/paranormal books I read I was younger.

 Who are some of your favorite authors? 
S.E Hilton, Ilona Andrews, and LJ Smith

 Can you give us any hints about future books?
I have a pirate novel and short story collection coming out this year so keep your eye out.

 Is there a writer or writers that inspire you? 
S.E Hilton and HP Lovecraft

 What paranormal being would you like to be?
Elemental being

 If you were stranded on a deserted island what character would you want with you and why?
hmm is this mine or someone else's? If it is from any character I will say Superman so he can fly me out of there. if it is from my characters then Gentina from my pirate novel because she's a pirate.

 What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? 
 Try to survive, ha 

What 3 people would you like to have dinner with and why? 
Obama, because I wonder how he is when he's not in front of the caremas. My brothers Joe and  Jimmy bcz they are no longer here and I would like to talk to them one more time.

Color: Pink
Pets: 3 cats; Socks, Teller, and Caddy plus three turtles named turtle
Food: Thai Food
Drink: Pepsi
Holiday: 4th of July bcz I love the fireworks
Music: I love all music
Movie: Dead Alive, 27 dresses, Blade 2 and LOTR

 This or That 
Night or Day? Night
Theater or Rent? Rent
Fall or Summer? Fall
Music or Reading? Reading
Pet Dragon or Pet Gargoyle? Pet Gargoyle
Flip flops or Tennis Shoes? Flip Flops

I hope you had fun getting to know Toy Davis and learn about her books. Now for the giveaway I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Comment with which book you would like to win and why. Make sure you leave your email so I can get in touch with you to let you know you won. I will pick 2 winners at 10:00 p.m. PST Please make sure you check out Toy Davis links and say Thank You for her donation of 2 ebooks to giveaway. Thank you Toy Davis for stopping by and being my Author Spotlight for today.

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