Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Darkness of Light Blog Tour

Today on my blog I have The Darkness of Light blog tour. On my stop there is a spotlight, excerpt, and giveaway.

The world has long forgotten them, but their descendants live on, not wholly mortal or god, but something in between…

At the dawn of the sixth century, in the aftermath of her mother’s brutal execution, Mara Black is forced to flee the only life she has ever known.

Mara can tell she’s different, but isn't sure why. After she encounters two mysterious strangers, she discovers her secret is but a drop in an ocean of many. She is a Dia, a descendant of ancient gods, and her mother sacrificed herself to protect Mara from their past. 

Summoned by an uncle she didn't know existed, Mara thinks she’s found the family she’s always wanted, and Corbin, a love she never thought possible. But not everything is as it seems. Her uncle has other motives for protecting her, and her mentor, Malcolm, becomes so jealous, he’ll do anything to get what he wants. When tragedy strikes, and the true darkness among them comes to light, Mara discovers that sometimes love can give you everything, and obsession can take it all away. With her powers gone, and destiny calling, she has to look deep within to find the courage to save herself. Mara, along with Corbin and her newfound family, must fight to get back what was taken, or die trying. 


Corbin held up his hands as if he was approaching an injured animal. “Mara,” he said gently, hoping to snap her out of the ferocious trance.

She didn’t respond. She didn’t even flinch.

“Mara,” he tried again.

Her chest heaved with tumultuous breaths; her eyes locked on her prey. Corbin knew she wanted revenge, but this savage creature was not Mara. Her Light had taken a dark turn. This was no simple act of revenge. She was driven by her power and some animalistic instinct.

Isa sobbed a few steps back. “What’s wrong with Mara?” she asked.

Corbin tried to give her a reassuring look. “She will be fine, Isa. But stay back.”

Mara hovered over the sheriff, and as the seconds passed, Corbin felt the presence of the other Dia move closer. They had to get out of the forest. “Kill him, Mara, and be done with it!” Corbin urged, readying his sword.

“Step back!” she growled, pushing the dagger into the man’s flesh so that a thin stream of blood began to trickle down his throat. She seemed to snarl at him. “You killed my mother!”

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Tammy Farrell grew up in Orangeville, Ontario Canada where she discovered her love of writing, and all things related to Edgar Allan Poe. She now lives with her husband and four fur babies in Greenville, South Carolina, where she teaches pre-GED English and attempts to learn French when she isn’t busy writing.

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