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Moonflower Blog Tour

Today on my blog I have the Moonflower Tour. On my stop there is a spotlight, guest post, review, and giveaway. But before we get to all the that let's get to know more about the author E.D.C. Johnson.

EDC Johnson grew up in the Midwest, graduating from Michigan State University with her BFA in Art Education and her MA in Art Education from Western Michigan University. She currently lives with her husband and daughter in Palm Harbor, Florida. Her decade of experience as a public school art teacher has inspired her to write fiction novels that will entice young readers. You may see some of her illustrations in Renee Mallet's: Fairies, Mermaids, and Other Mystical Creatures.

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Guest Post:
If you could change places with any of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?

            It almost seems unfair for me to pick Josie, after all, she is very much me at her age.  And that would be the thrill of it.  To be sixteen again, just for a day, knowing all that I know now.  Though her circumstances are a bit dramatic, who doesn’t want a little excitement in her life—every once in a while.  She simply has so much going for her.
            First, being whisked away to a Victorian-like world would be this Jane Austen fan’s dream come true.  Thank goodness Josie is set up in a good situation at the Conrí estate.  I don’t think many of us would enjoy being impoverished in that time period.  She has every luxury Terravipōl can offer.  The world she is in isn’t exactly as it should be, but the invention of the toilet is her saving grace. 
            She gets to enjoy having Sarah, her Lady’s Maid.  This spunky girl becomes a dear friend and would get anything Josie could wish for.   The food would be amazing, including the delectable pastries Sarah delivers regularly.  Sarah also helps Josie to become accustomed to the attire of the land.  Even as a grown woman I enjoy a little dress up; Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I can imagine trying on and wearing  the fun period dresses. 
            Perhaps the most exciting is being in the middle of a love triangle.  There aren’t many girls that would complain about two boys vying for her attention.  Especially at sixteen.  The surge one feels at the prospect of new love is unlike any other and the tingle of your first kiss with someone...Woohoo!  It would be fun to experience that again.
            But in the end I would be happy to be me again.  Everyone my age would probably agree they wouldn’t want to have to go through growing up again.  It isn’t easy.  I love my family and would miss them deeply and even though it has been over ten years since I kissed my husband on our first date I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone.

After Josephine Wood’s father dies of cancer, her mother up-roots the two of them and moves to the city. Josie hates her city life, but her teenage issues are of little consequence when they have a car accident and she wakes up in a strange land (reminiscent of Victorian Europe) alone. Lost, with her school backpack as the only connection to her world, Josie struggles to find her way home. She is found by Lucius Conrí, the son of a Marquess, who possesses royal blood and the gift to shift into a wolf’s form at will. Can the kind-hearted Lucius help her find her way while winning her love, or will she fall for Donovan Conrí his older, more serious brother and heir to the Conrí wealth?

Video Excerpt:


Not only do I love this cover but I love the story and characters as well. I can not wait to read more from this author.

Josephine hates her life since her dad died of cancer. Her mom has uprooted them into an old house and puts Josephine into a rich preppy kind of school. But none of that matters when she gets into a car crash with her mom and wakes up in a strange place with only her back pack to connect her with her world. Josephine is found by Lucius who is of royal blood and has the ability to shift into a wolf.  But he is not the only son of the Marquess. Lucius has an older brother named Donovan. While Lucius is trying to help Josephine find her way and possibly win her heart, his older brother might just take Josephine’s heart first.

I really loved this story and all the characters which is rare for me. I usually have one or two characters I am not that found of but in this story I found myself rooting for them all and wanting them all to get what they wanted. Of course that doesn’t happen.  Josephine is a really relatable character. She takes to this new world and the abilities of the brothers rather good. If it was me I would have freaked out. The brothers Lucius and Donovan are both great. I found myself falling for both of them but for very different reasons. Where Lucius is sweet and protective; Donovan is stand offish and brooding. 

My only issue is I am not sure if there is a sequel cause some things were left unanswered to me so I am really hoping there will be another book. 4/5 Bloody Fangs 

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I would like to say Thank you to E.D.C Johnson for letting me review your book and Thank you to Jaidis for letting me participate in this tour. Don't forget to enter the giveaway below. Thanks for stopping by my blog today for this tour.

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  1. Thank you Sabrina for the lovely review. I want to let you know there is absolutely a sequel. It is currently a partial draft but I'm working hard to complete the project for my hungry readers. I will certainly let you know when the next book is about to release. I hope everyone takes advantage of the blog tour pricing to find out why you enjoy the characters so much.